saschni phir mazar, guay parah   SHAH JAJAL LOGO Hazrat lal soyod, supply road, sylhet
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    Our Rosette to acknowledge the 360 Auwlias   8 Sided Plaque, Issued by the East Pakistani Government, to the then list of 360 Auwlias. This information is yet to be verified with the present DC Office.      
    Hilltop Logo - Mazaars on top of the hill. Be ready for the climb, may have steps or steep slopes.   Hilltop Logo - Mazaars on top of the hill with one hundred one steps. Verified by us.   Hilltop Logo - Mazaars on top of the hill with one hundred and three steps. Verified by us.  
    Short walk, subject to terrain and weather.   Subject to terrain and weather. Muddy roads and the heat make the journeys harder.   Due to the Mazaar being located in a village or roads that are inaccessible with vehicles or a vehicle not available for hire; and subject to road surfaces, tarmac or muddy.  
    Same as the rest but the journey may take you through forest and or up hills and or down.   A long river Journey required   A short crossing  
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