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What's new?       "Lakri Turar Mela"      
        This event takes place during "26th of Shawwal"      
H. Shahjalal's Mazaar        
    Young people line up with cut wood to sell.   People gather on top of the hill where sermons are said about the event and the purpose.   Zohor prayers are performed onsite.  
    As the day goes on the crowd build up.   People making their way up.   More people making their way up.  
    More people making their way up.   and more people making their way up.   People frenzy, making their way up & those who already have cut their wood are making their way down.  
        Coming Soon  
    Women are amongst the wood collectors.   Individual   Watching the hill being cut bare.  
    Women cutting wood.   Phir sits and watches the day go by.   More people spilling all over the hill.  
    Watching the hillside becoming bare.   People making their way down with the wood.   Young person in the spirit of the event.  
    Youth and others during the day climbed up trees to cut wood.   Making their way with cut wood.   Aftermath of the event, hillside left bare.  
    People arrived by truck, now they depart for Dorga.   People departing on foot to take the wood to Dorga.   Young and old walk the kilometers to the Dorga carrying the their collected wood.  
    More people   Truck blaring out songs about the event.   Various bands on foot and on the truck, carry the crowd to the Dorga, with their beats.  
    Once in the Dorga, the wood is then "washed" (dipped) in the water before being deposited.   Bamboo being washed.   More people washing.  
    Men and women washing the collected wood.   Depositing the wood   Wood stockpiled.  
    Later, the wood is then laid out on the rooftop to dry before it is used at the beginning of the Urus.   Wood stored up till the time it is going to be burnt.   Volunteers setting up the stoves. (29/10/2010)  
    The gathered wood is set to be lit.   Muttoli's Son fires up the wood.   Making sure the wood catches fire and burns for the long haul cooking of tonnes of ahkni.  
    Fire roaring   Big pots cook on top of the fire, Preparing Ahkni.   Tonnes of akhni mountain high is prepared for distribution to the thousands of people who have taken part in the Urus.  
    Volunteers work hard to get the ahkni ready for distribution.   Volunteers piling the ahkni in customised distribution containers.   Further volunteers take more ahkni to each distribution points
(as per exit)
    The finale of the Urus is the 3am milad and dua.   So after fajar namaz the ahkni distribution station are bracing themselves to distribute.   Revellers are queuing to collect their ahkni (shin nee)  
    Distributer/ volunteers waiting in front line.   Distribution begins and the crowd move very fast. Little short of a stampede.   This is what it is all about, ending up with collecting shin nee, which is prepared from the livestock donated by ordinary people from all over the country  
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