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    All information in this web site is made available for information purpose only. 
The nature of the Auwlia information which is in circulation have been passed down from elders for generations and details vary.

 Vast amount of information is word of mouth and version to version vary mouth to mouth.
Much of the information has been gathered from resources available and some information has been recorded 1st hand from residents and Kadims of the mukams.

Vast majority of the images have been taken on-site and are genuine, the images are taken with a fish eye lens and that is the reason why some the photos are distorted and because of the picture size uploaded, they are 200x200.

We do not accept any responsibilities for inaccuracies that are or maybe pertained in the site and the information in it. 

We will do our best to update or make known the inaccuracies. We will do our best to make known the different version and accounts of information available or attained interviews.

If there is or are any inaccuracies that you would like to put right, we will do our best to include; however we will keep all versions together and made available (snippets) on the site for reference purposes.
    Not all the mazaar are of the 360 Auwlias.  
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